maandag 8 september 2008

Video: John Legend - Green Light feat. Andre 3000

Nice combo, een van de beste soul zingers van dit moment met een van de illste rappers van de laatste 15 jaar. Het nieuwe album van Johnny boy komt 28 oktober en heet Evolver. Dit is alvast een lekker uptempo nr en 3 Stacks komt altijd hard: So I went hard like Medusa staring at me..
Aan t einde hoor je snippet van t nummer Good Morning
Check de vid:

John Legend vertelde tegenover MTV het volgende over de video:
"The song is simple. It's just me trying to pick up a girl at a club and convince her to come have some fun with me. [The video] definitely has that story line in it, but we just take it kind of different places to do some unexpected visual things. We have this surreal kind of dance sequence, and it features synchronized swimmers and showgirls. We just throw a little extra twist on it. We wanted to mix a current, modern feel with an old-school, classic Hollywood feel because the song has kind of a big-band quality to it as well as a more modern dance-song quality. We wanted to mix the two different parts."

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